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Terms of service
This website is oriented towards all sorts of art. But you may not post artwork unless you created it.
What are you allowed to post
Any artwork that can be considered for all ages and that is considered legal under Dutch law. Anything posted that is not legal under Dutch law or not suitable for minors may result in you getting your account suspended or even reported to authorities in certain cases. And being publicly humiliated.
Sex and other stuff
We understand that the standards for what is considered ok for all ages differs across the world. Steer clear from sex on this site and we'll all be ok. So this means genitals, nipples etc. too If you want to post sexy stuff. There is a good site for that Artist-in.me's sister site named Lush-artists.com.
You are required to tag your artwork. The tags on the right hand side of the art upload form are required tags if they match your art. This is so they can be filtered for visitors visiting the site the first time.
What is considered art
(Digital) paintings or drawings that are concidered appealing
What is NOT considered art
A stool sample, a stick figure ,a person covered in poop ,etc.
When in doubt
Don't post
Who owns what
The artist who created the artwork. He/She is responsible for the content. This site takes no responsibility for what you as an artist post.