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Notice and Takedown procedure
This website uses a notice and takedown procedure. That means if you have a complaint about the content of this site, you can request us to take it down. Please note that this NTD may take a while to process.
When to use this procedure
If you are an artist and your art has been stolen by someone or your artwork has been modified without your approval. This is the place to report it. If you are a user of this site and you think some art may be stolen,please use the report tool below each picture. If you are a company here to complain about your characters being used in artwork. Please remember, this is art created by people who like your characters. If you do plan to moan about it. Do it here.
When not to use this procedure
If you plan to grief about someone's choice of subject. Please go away. If you plan to abuse this feature, we will not hesitate to ban an ip range.