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New blog system

So a new version of artist-in.me has been released. This is the semi last feature to be added before I publish the test site to everybody to have a look.

What about that last feature though?

"My feed" feature is next!

This feature is basically a replacement for the current inbox system. It will in a less dense format store all the posts for the people you follow. Anything older than 1 month will get wiped from that feed so you only have the latest posts in your feed. If you are logged in , it is the first thing you see on your dashboard.

This will contain :

  • Blog posts
  • Art
  • Comments on your blogs, profile and artwork, or comments on your comment
  • Important site news.

What about Inbox ?

That will be converted into a normal inbox message system.

  • Posted:2018-12-28 16:46:19
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