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Hey folks,

Please don't be afraid.

It is not going away. I just wanted to give you a heads up on the development of the new version. It is nearing being finished. And there are a couple of twitter polls that are running you might want to give your input on:

These polls are :

A comic feature

Social network sharing:

Custom banners:




Please follow tarobly on twitter and give your feedback!

  • Posted:2018-12-09 00:24:52

Upgraded the server to double the memory,double the cpu power, quadruple the diskspace :D

Read more here

  • Posted:2018-03-10 15:39:13
  • Posted:2017-02-18 12:56:39

So, I've been really busy with work over the last year and working on the new version of lush/artist-in.me has been hard. Especially when you would just like to draw a bit instead. But i've been working on it off and on for the last few months and I hope to be able to work on the new site again soon (about to finish a huge project at work). 

So what's the plan ?

I will put up a link soon where people can try out the alpha version of lush. This is a test version so you would have to create a new account, clean slate. (migrations will come later)

It will have most of lush's features right now, except for the forum.(more on that later)

Also instead of a single front-page logged in users will see their own follow feed. Ofc there is still a central feed for people to enjoy who are just visiting. Which will basically be the firehose of posts being done on the site. 

What post types will there be ? 

Blog,Art,Story,Audio,Video posts.  Art and blog fill come first, Story is the first after that and Audio & Video posts will come later. All have the ability to get comments. 

Blog post comments allow people to highlight and comment on specific pieces of blog posts. 

Art post comments allow people to select specific parts of an artpiece  and comment on that directly or just simply on the piece itself. 

Reposts of any of the other post types will allow people(Artists and fans alike) to share their views on things in a more general manner. These will show up as comments under the post and in the reposter's feed. You can disable reposts in your personal feed to get just your own follows' actual posts.

Everything will be taggable and searchable. 

When will this take over lush& artist-in.me

Not for a while. I need to write a lot of code and write some importers from the old sites to the new sites before we could migrate anything. The alpha and beta versions will receive resets on a regular basis.

What about the forum

It is not really used now. In the new site there will be no need for it as everything can be commented on. I expect if there is a need for it we'll see it arrise soon enough.

How soon is soon ?

Alpha before the end of the year. Beta in Q1 2017, Release & migration Q2 2017 

What other features do you have planned?

A lot of features. New types of content, Streaming, API for integration with other sites and systems, Mobile app. etc. etc. 

  • Posted:2016-10-12 19:56:23

Could you help me improve tarobly (which is what artist-in.me runs on)?


Any votes and comments are very much so taken serious.

  • Posted:2013-01-07 20:07:09